In the confusion and terror of the resurrection plain, poeple will remember the prophText Colorets who were sent to them. We are told that people will go first to Prophet Adam (alayhi salam), the father of mankind, and reminding him of his dignified status, will ask him to intercede before Allah (S.W.T.) He refuse and said go to Noah (alayhi salam) He will also decline, He will send them to Abraham (alayhi salam), He also decline, He will send them to Moses (alayhi salam), He will also decline, He will send them to Jesus (alayhi salam), He also decline. And finally, they will come to Muhammad ((alayhi salam), and say,
"O Muhammad (S.A.W.) ! You are the Messenger of Allah (S.W.T.), and the Last of the Prophets; Allah forgave you your former and latter sins, so intercede for us before Allah (S.W.T.); do you not see what [situation] we are in? Do you not see what has come to us?"
Then, the Prophet (S.A.W.) will get up, go and prostrate beneath the Ars, and glorify Allah (S.W.T.) with unique praises.
He will be told, "O Muhammad! Ask, that you may be given, and intercede that your intercession may be granted!"