Exposure on the Day of Judgement

Mankind will be exposed before their Lord. 
"And they shall be exposed before their Lord in ranks. "
[Sura Al-Kahf (18:48)]

The Prophet (S.A.W.) said
"Mankind will be exposed three exposures on the Day of Resurrection. The (first) two exposures shall be disputation and excuses, but at the third [exposure], the scrolls [of deeds] will be distributed, and then some will take them in their right hands, others in their left."

"O mankind! You are striving in your deeds towards your Lord and [towards] meeting Him. Then, as for he who is given his book in his right hands shall be reckoned an easy reckoning, and he shall return to his family members in joy. And, as for the one who is given his book in his left hand, he shall call for destruction, and shall taste of a blazing fire."
[Surah Al-Inshiqaq (84:6-12)]
"Then, by your Lord, We shall surely question them all, about what they used to do"
[Surah Al Hijr (15:92-93)]
People will be questioned , on the Day of Judgment:
About faith:  
You will asked about "Laa Ilaaha Illallah" (To belive in One God)
[Narrated by Tirmidhi]
About salah (prayer): 
"The first thing which the servant will be questioned about on the Day of Resurrection.
[Narrated by Tirmidhi]
About those under their care:
"O believers! Save yourselves and your families from a Fire, whose fuel is mankind and stones."
[Surah Al-Tahreem (66:6)]
"Every one of you is a guardian, and every one of you will be asked about those in his care. The man is a guardian over his family, and will be questioned about those in his care. 
The woman is a guardian over her husband's house, and will be questioned about that in her care.
The servant is a guardian over his master's property, and will be questioned for that in his care." [Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim]
About the bodily organs: " Do not follow that which you have no knowledge of; (your) hearing, sight and heart - you will be questioned about all of them."
[Surah Al-Isra (17:36)]
About delight:
"Then, you shall be questioned on that day about delight." 
[Surah Al-Takathur (102:8)]
About intentions: 
"Whoever desires the life of the world and its adornment, We shall repay their deeds to them in it, and they will not suffer any short payment therein. They are those for whom there is nothing but the Fire in the Hereafter. In vain shall be that which they wrought therein, and null shall be that which they used to do." 
Surah Hud, 11:15 
In a long hadith narrated by Muslim, we are told that the men whose cases shall be judged first on the Day of Resurrection shall be a man who was martyred, a man who acquired knowledge and taught it and who recited the Holy Qur'an and a man to whom Allah (S.W.T.) had been generous and given many varieties of wealth. These men will acknowledge Allah's (S.W.T.) favors upon them, and will claim that they did these deeds for His sake. 
They will exposes as liars, for they did not do these deeds for the sake of Allah (S.W.T.). 
The man who was martyred had been fighting in order to be called brave, the scholar or reciter of the Qu'ran had acted thus in order to gain a reputation. Since deeds are according to their intentions, these people received what they had sought through these deeds, and so they will not receive reward for them on the Day of Judgment. Hence, they will be dragged into Hell.

There are four questions which everyone must face: "The feet of a servant will not move on the Day of Resurrection until he has been questioned about [four things]:
[Narrated by Tirmidhi]

1. His Life - How he spent it.
2. His Knowledge - How much he acted upon it.
3. His Wealth - Where he earned it and how he spent it.
4. His Body - How he used it.